Thursday, April 29, 2010

A few things

Willow Oak Dangles

A willow oak is a mighty tree with it's boughs reaching wide...stretching far from it's hardy trunk as a welcome oasis to everything beneath. Hidden within the multitude of delicate leaves is a playground for it's denizens:

The wren chasing the squirrel from one tree to another as punishment for being the curious little one who wanted to see what the fuss was about in her nest.

The mother squirrel watching the activity from the security of her tangled home.

The stately cardinal perched in indifference, only interested in his next snack.

I'm pretty sure they watch me with the same interest & amusement as I watch fact, a little squirrel watched me as I made these earrings. I used a leaf from one of the oaks in my yard to make my pattern for these earrings. They are perfect in their imperfection as anything from nature would be. They are cut out of rose brass & granitized. I made a new word...granitized. I texturized them on the old granite curb that lies beneath the tree. Each pair of earrings will be slightly different because they are cut & texturized individually.



April showers bring May flowers & I collected these raindrops from dripping hydrangea leaves in my garden. Luckily, it was dripping sterling silver & amazonite raindrops. These are handcrafted by my two little hands with sunny days in mind.

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