Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Show & Tell

Aaaww pretty!! They aren't mine (not enough sunny yard), but I captured them with my camera.

Dakota says "Hey!!!" That's why her little mouth is blurry...see her talking??

I got a little something in the mail today. I bought this for my beautiful Mom for Christmas or her birthday, or something like that. I know it's so early to be thinking about Christmas, but I had to snap this up. I found this wonderful Etsy seller via Twitter. She made a comment about having too much coffee, I commented back, then decided to check out her shop. Wow!!!! I love her illustrations & I love that she uses ink, paint, whatever on top of pages from vintage books. The one I picked out for Mom was on a page from a book written in German. It also has little notes written off to the side from someone who was reading the book, but I can't read those either. I'm so glad that she got the coffee jitters that day because I love so many things in her shop.

This is just the packaging. I ordered the illustration Friday afternoon & it got to me on Monday. How's that for fast?? She makes her own packaging & I can't imagine them being packaged any more safely or creatively. Lookie!!! I got a free owl illustration of my very own. The owl was encased in a clear envelope & taped to the outside of the packaging..all I had to do was peel it off. Yay!!! I got myself a present too...accidentally.

See?? What did I tell you? It came mounted on black cardstock(?) & backed by white mat board, so all I have to do is find the perfect frame. I love the torn edges of the page & the way that the black makes the little birdie "sing" from the page.

Here is a closer up of "Spring". I love it's filigreed simplicity (if that makes sense)....it makes me smile.

The artist also has a collection of signed prints that are just too funky & cute & she also sells some of her originals. I'm afraid I'll be stalking her shop from now on because her works speak to my quirky heart.

I didn't have anything new from me to show you today, but I wanted to share one of my new "finds" & new friend on Etsy.

Betcha want to know who did this..right???? As if you couldn't see it on the back of the package...it's

Deadpan Alley
Go check out her shop...I think you'll find something you like.
I hope y'all have a great day.

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