Thursday, September 23, 2010


I'm going to spare y'all from listening about my little mundane life (for now any way), & talk about a very talented friend of mine. Some of you may know her as Autumn Leaves Jewelry, some as Carolyn & probably most as Care. I "met" Care a couple of years ago, by accident, when I was looking for tips on how to make jewelry with my little torch. Care's is the very first metalsmithing blog that I'd ever read & I was hooked. Care has been an amazingly funny & inspirational mentor for me.

Who knew that kitty ears are the cure-all for bad soldering days??

I guess it helps if you get jacked on coffee, but not too much or you'll be chasing your solder down with shaky hands. Oh yeah, can't keep the cup too close for fear of mistaking it for the ever present quenching cup or flux brush dipper.

Care has been a wonderful friend to me & has helped guide me & inspire me to try things that I would never had tried on my own. I'm pretty much a self taught "metalsmithing" type person & I've learned 95% of the things I know from online with Care being a large part of that learning.

Put on your big girl pants (even though I don't have a Big Girl torch), put on your kitty ears & just try....don't be skeerd.

I know, I know. Why do I meander on & on when all I need to say is that Care's having a giveaway. Look at that stone & that setting!!!!! It's too yummy!!!! It looks like this creamy, velvety wonderfulness that would almost melt under your touch, but this baby will last & last. I wish that Care & I lived closer because I think that we could find all kinds of mischief, but she has a lovely hubby & I wouldn't want to foist another "wild child" onto him.

Go check out Care's blog & you'll see what I've been blathering on & on about.

I was really just hoping that you'd get bored, stop reading & forget to go the Care's blog to enter, but I'm sure there no chance of that. Go check out her ring & enter to win this lovely piece of art.

Check her out HERE

I'll have more in a couple of days about myself. Tee hee.