Saturday, April 3, 2010

Happy Spring!!!!

After an unusually cold & bitter winter we are greeted by the beauties of Spring. I love Spring & Fall. I think it's because it's almost like a new beginning. The air smells fresh & the landscape seems to change daily.

The trees are stretching their limbs getting ready to sport their new Spring attire....

...and the flowers start poking their little heads out of the soil to see if it's safe to come out & bask in the soft sunlight.

align="center">I kinda feel the same way. I feel more energized & more like taking on new challenges with more vigor and obstinance. In the past several months, it's been too easy for me to succumb to my own doubts & personal challenges. I was afraid that I'd forgotten how to dig deeper & find the tenacity that used to be exist on the surface (just ask my friends) I'm hoping that it's coming back & with it, the old Pam. I miss her.
Sometimes something happens that shakes you out of your own self pity & makes you open your eyes & take a look around. I had that happen & luckily, it turned out OK.
A few weeks ago my dear, sweet, sweet 84 year old Grandma fell & broke her right hip & right shoulder. When I received the phone call I had my first mini anxiety attack. I'm very close to my Mom & Grandma....we're all each other has so we're bonded in a very deep way. I felt something was wrong when I woke up that morning, and called both Mom & Grandma, but neither were home. I tried to put it out of my mind, but it was still pressing down on my consciousness.
Anyway, Grandma had a total right hip replacement & a rod put through her right shoulder. Luckily, she's left handed so it could have been worse. She has wonderful physical therapists & occupational therapists working with her right now & hopefully she'll be back dancing in no time.
Oh, I guess I forgot to mention that my Grandma fell while she was line dancing. Yep...that's my Grandma. While I'm sitting home most Fridays nights, she's at Red Barn tapping her toe & occassionally dancing to the tunes with a handsome gentleman. It was the Electric Slide that got her. I told her from now on she just needs to hold on to a nice man & dance & forget about those group dances.
My Grandma's always been a little firecracker & I hope she continues to be one (without p*ssing off her therapists & nurses, of course). I love your Grandma!! You & Mom are my heart.
I've also had a few technical problems that had nothing to do with being in the country where I couldn't get proper internet service. I've had the hardest time transferring photos from my camera to my computer. I'm not very techie, but I think I've figured out a different way to do it. I should probably get a new card reader because sometimes my pics will transfer & sometimes they won't.
Anyway...if you're still here after all of this, muah!!! You're a good sport & very patient. Now take yourself away, pet your furbaby & hug your kids or pet your kids & hug your furbaby....either way, have a great weekend & thanks for listening.

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