Saturday, March 21, 2009

No jewelry, just my new pot rack

pot rack
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At the insistence of a certain blogger friend of mine (you know who you are, Carolyn) I'm going to try to get this thing (blog) started. I've been making a few pieces of custom jewelry a week. I don't have anything in the hopper, so now I need to concentrate on making a few pieces for something called the Art Walk. It's a really cool little event that the Arts Council of Durham puts on a couple of times a year to showcase local artists & local businesses. It's a small entry fee & you are placed (depending on your medium) in some of the buildings scattered around the downtown area. The public goes to the Arts Council and picks up a little map & follows the red dots (literally huge red dot stickers place on the sidewalks & on signs) to the different businesses & studios. It's a lot of fun & I think the perfect venue for my first show. I'll probably only make about 20 pieces to show & whatever I have left I will take to another shop to see if they would be interested in selling a few pieces on consignment. I've never sold on consignment, so their cut may be too much for me to consider, but you don't know if you don't try....right??

This is a picture of my new pot rack. I won it on Ebay & I think I'm going to love it. With my first show coming up & no pieces to sell, I did what every good jewelry maker type person would do.....procrastinate by ordering a pot rack so I can reorganize my kitchen. I got a great price on the rack (they're normally soooo expensive) & it seems to be pretty good quality. I had originally bought an old garden gate to hang from the ceiling as a pot rack, but the gate is huge & heavy....very, very heavy. I'll probably just use it in the garden, I know, I know, it's a pretty crazy idea, but I'm going to try it.