Monday, April 26, 2010

Chocolate Blossom

Happy Monday..or not, perhaps. Anyway, I though I'd pop in & make a quick post on the new item in my shop. It's Chocolate Blossom, & now I want chocolate....the cookies that have the gooey inside. For real, I do. I wrote the description, now I'm really, really craving a huge batch of those cookies....or was it that I was thinking of the cookies then the stone reminded me of the cookies??? Hmmmmm.

Either way..Pam wants a cookie.

I'm going to try to release a few more pieces into my shop this week. Maybe one a day or every other day. I have a couple more custom pieces to work on, but will post them when I'm finished. One is for my beautiful Mom for Mother's Day & the other is for my beautiful friend, Rupa.

Well, gotta do a load of laundry & maybe a stroll to the store for a little choccy. I don't trust myself with a batch of cookies.

Oh..guess I'll show a picture of my new piece...almost forgot.

Chocolate Blossom

I hope y'all have a bright & wonderful day.



Stormy said...

Mmmm ~ warm choc-chip cookies...

We were craving chocolate cake the other nite while @ the grocery store, so we picked up a boxed "organic" chocolate cake mix and frosting -- never did make it, lol.

I'm just starting to *breath*, after the move. Haven't even had energy to blog, we've been so busy; will have to do so soon.

I can't wait to sit back at my bench! It's shrunk in size considerably, but it's all good; or will be once all is organized!

Love the necklace ~ another pretty piece!

Willow Branch said...

Hey Stormy!!!!!

I hope you're back blogging again soon, but I understand how hard it is to get everything back to semi-normal after a move. Sorry about the smaller bench, but maybe it'll be more efficient for you. I need to figure out more organization for my "bench".