Monday, May 3, 2010

Monday, Monday

It is Monday, in case some of you have lost track, as I often do. A dreary Monday too. The clouds are laden with rain & I'm expecting them to release any moment. I guess if it's going to rain, it may as well be a Monday.

I have a couple new pieces to add to my shop today, if I can get them loaded onto Etsy. I also woke up with another design floating around in my mind this morning, now I just have to sort it out on paper. Sometimes that's much easier said than done for me. I'm feeling more of a pull from the metals than the stones right now. I want to sketch & saw & polish & file. Today seems like a perfect day to sit on the porch with a cup of tea & my sketchbook while the spring rain rinses everything off to a vibrant green.

Here are the new items I'll be listing today.

Same as my Willow Oak Dangles, but a bit smaller & with a little jasper dropping from the leaf.

Willow Oak Drops

I also found a little mushroom under the Willow Tree & decided to string it on a chain.


OK, y'all have a great day..I'm headed off to list these in the shop...

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