Thursday, May 6, 2010

Periwinkle & Jade Thursday

I made a little something for my Grandma for Mother's Day. She's doing well & the nursing home has left it up to her to decide when she goes home. I think she's going to wait a couple more weeks because when she goes home, she wants to be on her own. She's ready to hit the dance floor again...well, maybe not the dance floor, but she's ready to head back to the perimeter & watch others. I made these tiny little copper periwinkles for her; maybe she'll take them out with her on a Friday night. I think I'll add them to my shop because I love how they turned out all caddywhompered & cockeyed.
I think my ears need a pair of these too.

The last time I was home Mom saw Lonely Daisy and really liked it, but wanted a longer chain. She also saw a pretty Wyoming jade that I had found & fell in love with it. I guess there are few advantages to having a daughter who makes the occassional piece of jewelry, but Mom happened to luck out. I used the stone she liked & fashioned into the setting she liked. I had to change it up a bit, because I wanted her to have something a little different than the original, but here it is.

I've added the chain, packaged it up & sent this & my Grandma's earrings on their way. Hopefully it gets there by Saturday. The mail service is strange because sometimes it takes longer for a package to get a few states away than it does for me to send something all the way to the west coast, or even Hawaii.

That's all for now. I had planned on adding another piece to my shop this week, but still haven't gotten it finished. I think my muse ran away for few days, but she'll be back soon.

I hope you're all having a great week


Stormy said...

Pretty pieces!
Your Mom & Grandma
will love them, i'm sure!

My Mom is no longer with us (down here) but, every year in May (4 her B-day & Mothers Day), she gets a pretty bouquet of flowers that i place on the table for her to enjoy :)

Stormy said...

BTW ~ i LOVE your new banner!!

I was just thinking about changing mine; but so many things need to come first...

Willow Branch said...


Thanks so much, Stormy!!!

I am so techno impaired that it's ridiculous. I found a really easy tutorial for blogspot banners so I tried it & it worked!! Next I'm going to try my Etsy banner, but that seems like a whole different ballgame.



Beth said...

I love the new photo banner on the blog...but perhaps not as much (well, okay, maybe as much) as the earrings for your grandma and the necklace for your mother! BEAUTIFUL!!

Willow Branch said...

Aaaawww. Thank you so much Beth. I know you understand the connection I have with my Mom & Grandma. You, my dear, are just a sweetie!!!