Wednesday, November 18, 2009

So, what happened was.......

I was careless. It's easy to get too comfortable with the tools that we use everyday. We become enraptured by our next "piece of art" that the tools fade. The torch isn't a torch anymore & the glow of the metal is just a lovely color that we're trying to achieve, instead of it being a means to an end. All of that, added to it being a bad soldering day & my torch not getting the piece hot enough made me, yep made me, forget the basics. The really basic not haphazardly picking up the piece with the tweezers & holding it up so I have less of a heat sink. It's all fun & games until said person (that would be me) shifts in the chair, the piece over her lap, then drops cherry red piece into her lap. Oh no!! Let me tell you......not a good move.
The smoke created by a 1200 degree piece landing on sweatpants is quite incredible & a little scary. I quickly brushed it off of my lap, but it had already melted a hole into my sweatpants. I looked at my leg & nothing; it wasn't red & didn't even hurt. Well, I continued on my merry way & later that night my leg was itching..oh yeah. A blister like I've never had before. Oh well, it's better now, and never hurt like a burn, but hopefully I've learned my lesson. Am I really ready for a Big Girls Torch? I think so, but it'll have to wait; until then, I have new respect for my little butane.
Ya'll be careful!!


Amy Nicole/RubyMtnBeads said...

Oh no! Isn't it amazing how fast you can move when you have something that hot drop in your lap? I dropped a large jump ring once in my lap while wearing shorts and had a nice jump ring shaped burn on my leg. Lesson learned!

Anonymous said...

Been there, done that but with my glass when making is amazing how fast we can move. Glad you didn't get hurt too bad. Thanks for visiting my blog.

Willow Branch said...

Amy & Sassy, I know!! Who knew I could be so agile??

Sometimes I'm still tempted to stop those little silver balls from rolling with my finger, but have learned to curb that urge. I had cut up a pr of old jeans so I could make a smithing apron, but never got around to it..I think I may have to break out the sewing machine.
Thanks for stopping by!!


Stormy said...

I've grabbed a hot piece of metal before and it's not fun!
I now keep the water bowl much closer when using the torch, hehe.

Today i stuck my coffee in the microwave b4 heading for home, and it was so hot i ran to the sink to spit it out! Thought for sure, i would end up with blisters, but all is ok.

I have an apron i bought from Rio ~ i just have to remember to put it on!

CarolynArtist said...

PAM! Omg! that is scary as youknowwhat! I'm sorry you had this accident. I've done very careless things, and luckily not a bad burn...please be careful! We love you!

Willow Branch said...

Thanks Care & Stormy, I've soldered successfully today & didn't burn up or burn down anything.


Beth said...

My heart plummeted. I hope you are okay.

Anonymous said...

It is funny how we aclimate to our tools and forgo saftey (I should speak for myself). I'll wave around my 6000 degree torch like a pencil. I hope I don't try and tuck it behind my ear one of these days. I am glad you are okay Pam :)