Thursday, November 12, 2009

Rain, Rain

*sigh* Still raining here. Hopefully tomorrow the remnants Hurricane Ida will move along & leave us with a little sunshine. It's been raining here, almost constantly, since Monday night. The wind is still gusting, uprooting some trees & some areas are flooding, but this is an easy one for us. Maybe we'll see sun this weekend. Gotta throw in a picture.

Dakota's moping around these days, becausing she's reflecting back to her fun days in the sun. Right now, it's looking more like a mud pit.

Be good & remember not to drive through standing water.


CarolynArtist said...

omgosh! Dakota is so beautiful, and innocent looking! I think we'd get along great! I hear you, it has been raining and raining here, must be from Ida?
You think sun tomorrow?? Let's hope so Pam! It's bringing me down a little.

Stormy said...

We've been having some half-way decent weather here the last week or so -- in the 50's, which is a little above "normal".

Dakota is a sweet ♥ I love that name!

Sending you a little sunshine...

Willow Branch said...

Don't let Dakota's face fool you. Actually, she's the best little soggie I've ever had, but she's a rescue, so she gets it.

Care, by now, we both have a little sun. YAY!!!

Stormy, thank you so much!!. When I first got Dakota her name was Neecee. She did not look like a Neecee to me so I picked out several names & she picked Dakota. I always let my dogs pick their names. Strange?? Probably, but their names always fit them so much better when I let them choose.


RosyRevolver said...

What a cutie-face!!!

Good reminder about driving through standing water. Bunch of dummies we have around here will go and do just that.

Come have coffee with me!