Friday, November 20, 2009

Blue Skies

After a week of steady rain from Hurricane/Tropical Storm Ida we finally saw this.
The sky always seem so clear & blue after a hurricane/tropical storm; it's as if the rains have cleansed the air to make way for the sun & air. It started raining again after this, but we have more blue skies today.

Do you smell these?? I placed an order with Candles by Victoria & could not be happier. Victoria makes these candles in Van, Texas with her partner, Matt (aka Candleman) and their daughters, Chelsea and Melissa. Victoria has well over 500 scent recipes & when you finally decide what you want, your candles are poured. Yes, she pours your candle when you place your order, which means that even if they weren't already scented with triple the amount of fragrance, they would still smell better than the ones that have been sitting on the store shelf for months (maybe years).
I opted for the 8 oz No Frills Sampler Pack, (which is the 6-8oz pick the scents for $40.00), 4 Scent Shots (the tarts that you place into a warmer & a great way to try out new scents for $1.95 each) and the Surprise Bag on Mini Bud Tarts (12 [I think] of misc tarts for $4.00)
Most of the candles & tarts I ordered are for gifts & very reasonably priced. The scent of each of these is amazing. I'm not a fan of the bakery-types scents, but I ordered a few for gifts & they really do smell like Pineapple Upside-Down Cake & Pumkin Pie Spice. French Quarter & Mango Sage Tea are probably my favs of this batch, but Apple Jack N Peel is a close third for this time of year. Victoria is also on Youtube, so go meet the woman behind the candles at CBVictoria.
I'll definately be buying more candles from Victoria & I hope some of you check out her site & look into some candles as well. I will say that if you want them for Christmas, you may want to go ahead & order them because she gets increasingly more busy & may have a couple of weeks backlog. I ordered mine on a Friday, she sent them out on Tuesday & I got them on Friday, but that was a couple of weeks ago. If you want me to go into more detail on the candles I bought, just let me know & I'll do another post about the scents I ordered.

Fresh from the tumbler & waiting to be dipped into the stinky LOS, steel wooled, then tossed into the tumbler again. I don't usually tumble before LOSing, but thought I'd try it after some discussion on Lisa's Lovelies blog about polishing & tumbling & all of those things only interesting to us metal heads.
I hope you all have a blessed weekend & maybe I'll actually have new pieces to show. Most of the pieces I'm working on are for custom orders, but a couple are headed to my shop. Yes Beth, I listened & am working on restocking my shop ((hugs)).


Stormy said...

Some beautiful stuff ya got there, my friend!
I haven't had any time to work in my studio this week ~ i hope to get something made over the weekend.

Let me know how you make out tumbling before-and-after LOS.
It's the only way i *fly* :)

Willow Branch said...

I didn't get the results I wanted, but I think it's because I needed a new batch of doesn't look bad, but the silver seemed to "take" the LOS differently in different places. I may lightly steel wool the pieces again & re-LOS them. I should have started with all new solutions, but I think I like tumbling before, then tumbling after.


Stormy said...

When cleaning the piece before using LOS, i also use a brass brush (which polishes as well) to get into the tiny crevices.
You can get packs of 3 (a little larger than a toothbrush) @ most places that sell tools.

What kind of LOS do you use?

Beth said...

The sky looked gorgeous! It must be a relief after such a long rainy period. The candles looked good enough to eat! Yumm. I'm glad you listened. Seeing the sneak previous almost made me salivate hahaha