Monday, April 13, 2009

Midnight Garden

This is my Midnight Garden. Not exactly a garden & not exactly Midnight, but it's the best I could do. Only during the Spring am I able to walk out on my screened back porch (also known as The Treehouse) and see my back yard glowing from the multitude of Dogwood blossoms. Soon the blossoms will be replaced by lovely leaves which will shade my back yard. The pic is blurry, but the wind was blowing such that it reminded me of being on the beach & watching the waves coming onto the shoreline.

These are the stones that my friend, Araceli picked out to for her wonderful family. She's told me a little of the personality of each one, so maybe I can incorporate a little of their personality into each piece. The stones are turquoise & crazy lace agate. I also started a sea glass pendant for my Grandma. She's such a great lady & has been so interested & supportive in my quest to take a piece of metal and make something pretty out of it. I'll post a pic when I get that completed.

Hope you all have a great Monday!!


CarolynArtist said...

Love the turquoise EXTRA Lorve the crazy lace agate!!!!
*licks and runs*

Willow Branch said...

Thanks Carolyn!!! Thanks for christening my blog. I'm working on those stone right now, so should have pics tomorrow.