Saturday, April 11, 2009

It's Springtime!!

Aahh!! Springtime in Carolina. It's time to put out the hummingbird feeders & stick your fingers into the dirt to wake everything up after our curiously inconsistent Winter. The ball park has opened & the Durham Bulls played their first home game on Thursday. I'm not a baseball fan, but I live close enough to hear the fireworks. Dakota, my precious dog, isn't so crazy about the "thunderous" noises heard on most game nights.
I had planned on walking to the Farmers Market to get some fresh veggies straight from the earth, but the morning got away from me. They close at noon, but they're also open a few hours on Weds afternoons...I'm really wanting a fresh salad.
I wasn't able to deliver the necklace to her new owner, but I did get another order for 7, yes seven, more pendants. A friend of mine, Araceli, is going to see her Tias and Abuela in Mexico in Sept. I have plenty of time, but want to get a jump in case I actually find a job between now & then.
I hope you all have a wonderful Saturday. Dakota is patiently waiting for me to take her out so she can explore & discover what creatures invaded her turf while she was sleeping.

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