Friday, April 10, 2009

First time showing one of my pieces.

This is a custom piece for a friend of mine. This was a bear to make because of the size. This is the 4th (or 5th) bezel I've made. My butane torch just wasn't feeling up to working on something this large. I had already made a ring for her & when she saw the ring, she immediately wanted a necklace. I thought that was a huge compliment. It's wonderful when someone wants something special that I make specifically for them, but when they love it so much that they want more pieces...well, it just makes my heart sing. I love custom pieces because it makes me venture away from what I would normally make. My customers have come up with ideas that I had to try to incorporate into their piece. I always learn something with every piece that I make.
My friend, Barbara, wanted a funky, simple necklace. She loved the landscape in the stone & didn't want the setting to take anything away from the stone, but she wanted something other than a plain silver chain. Nothing about Barbara is plain, she is one of the most vivacious people I know. I tried to decide what to do for the setting and finally decided that all this baby needed was a cloud-like halo above the stone. I'm supposed to deliver it tonight, along with 7 other pieces (bridal party & a simple ring) Cross your fingers for me...I hope she likes it.


thebearaffair said...

Congratulations on your first pic posting. I think you did a marvelous job with this stone and the mounting. What a great compliment from someone to order 7 pieces from you. Keep up the good work. Sally

CarolynArtist said...

Pam it's beautiful my friend! It truly is! I love that halo in the stone, and the way you captured it's flow design!!! (I cannot easily make humongo settings either with my lil torch) so I stick to smaller to avoid so much frustration if possible. Loving what you did with the chain too! Your friend will love this and I hope you feel proud and giddy inside girl!!! :-)

Willow Branch said...

Thank you Miss Sally, I appreciate your kindness. this was a hard one to do with my little butane torch & almost made me give up.

Care, aww you're so sweet, thank you. I need to practice taking pics, so I thought I may as well just post it. The chain...well, I didn't have one piece of the bulky chain long enough so I had to add another piece of chain to make it long enough for a grown up.

The others that I have to set are smaller, so hopefully they will go a little smoother.