Sunday, February 6, 2011

My Little Snow Bunny

Just thought I'd drop in a couple of pictures of Dakota in the snow over Christmas.  I know she's not so little, but she thinks she when she tried to crawl onto my lap.  She's just a 44 pound puppy.  I don't think she's ever been able to play in this much snow & she had a blast.  I tried, but couldn't keep up with her.  Luckily her 2 best friends, Sadie & Banjo romped over to play.  They were too speedy for me to get a good shot of them, but here's my girl.


The little white speck in the sky is part of a flock of snow geese.

These little fellows love Mom as she keeps the feeders full.

I hope this finds you all safe & warm.


CarolynArtist said...

Omgosh, I love your Dakota puppy too! The birds are lucky to have you!

Willow Branch said...

She's such a sweet dog. It's hard to believe that she's so good considering her life before I got her.


Meliss said...


What a total cutie Dakota is. She looks like she's having a blast and really appreciates the life she has now.

Thanks for your fun comment on The House of Art. Made me laugh. I have a few brushes with peeling handles. The really cool thing about the royal brushes I use....plastic handles. :)

I'm also really grateful that you joined our community. I hope you get a lot out of it. Don't hesitate to ask Emme (who lives in Ohio, I saw you mention Ohio) or me (who lives in PA) any questions you might have.

I must say I really adore that owl you posted a pic of several posts ago. Gorgeous colors.


ps: My husband and I feed the birds too. And the squirrels. Interested in your stump experiment. ;)