Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Find Your Ace

Art work by KJ Grigoriadis

I think as artists, or just people, we sometimes suffer from feeling like things are passing by us so quickly that we can't breathe.  We wanted to be further & have done more than we have.  Many goals are made & lost & we feel so frustrated by letting another year go by without realizing our dreams & hopes. We wallow in our misery & disappointment while we watch others seemingly achieve their goals & find their place with little to no effort.  These "others" may be friends or family that we love & are so happy for them, but sometimes it's hard not to say "why not me"?  "I've worked just as hard, but I'm still treading water, but to what end?" 

This topic came up on a message board  on one of the art websites that I've joined.  I have so much respect for the original poster in her candor to express her true feeling for her friend's "success".  I think a lot of us may have felt that way before.  Wanting to be sooo happy for a friend, but disappointment in our own situation descends like a dark cloud.  We find ourselves being almost catty when their success was mentioned, until we took a step back, took a breathe & remembered that, if we really cared, we had to let our friend shine in the light.  Smiling through the darkness & hugging through the disappointment.

Another artist on the site, KJ, offered up this demo that she saw at a convention.  I think the scenario is so brilliant on so many levels that I had to share it with you.

"At a sales demo this man gets on stage and ask for 2 ladies to come up to the stage.  He sat each one down in a chair about 15 feet apart facing the audience.  He then ask for 6 more people to come up from the audience and he had 3 stand behind each one of the ladies sitting in the chairs.  He then gives each lady a deck of cards and instructs them to open the deck and when he tells them to flip through the cards and find the ACE.  He tells each of the 2 groups of 3 standing behind the ladies to make alot of noise.  One of the 3 was saying things like; that's not it, you can't find it, it's not in the deck....another one was to be saying encouraging things, another was to say hurry, hurry, find it, etc....  They were to be kinda loud creating distraction over the  shoulders of the sitting ladies.  He then says and when you find the ACE stand up and shout "I found it" and then I'm going to give you $10.  And then he says go!  They start flipping through the deck in a hurry the ones standing behind them were making lots of noise with their comments.  Then the lady on the left all of the sudden stands up and shouts "I found it!"  And the lady on the right stops flipping through the deck and watches as everybody is happy for the lady on the left.  The speaker hands the $10 to the lady on the left.  And he turns to the audience  and says "it happens every time".  I told these 2 ladies to flip through the deck and find the ACE.  When you find it I'll give you $10 and did you see what happened when the lady on the left found her ACE?  The lady on the right stopped looking for hers.  She let the success of someone else get in her way.  I didn't tell them "who ever finds it first I will give them $10.  I said when you find the ACE stand up and shout "I found it" 

So, just because your friend found her ACE don't stop looking for yours!  Success is about staying focused and not letting the distractions of others get in your way.  The success of others is a huge distraction but stay focused on your own endeavors.   Your ACE is in the deck...."

How awesome is this & how true is it as well?  So often we may get caught up in how successful this person is with their jewelry or body products or art work or.........or...anything really, that we forget to keep working & trying & striving to be the best that we can be at the time.  

I'm just really starting on my art journey even though I've been doing artsy things for most of my life.  I want my first faces to be perfect & moody & dark like this artist..I want my jewelry to be more dimensional like that artist & I want it now!!!  Yeah, yeah, I know they've been practicing & growing into their art for years, but I want it magic.  I'm trying to relax & accept that most things in life are a journey, but I'm not known for my patience.  I want to do it all & I want to do it well....right now.

I also wanted to share some of KJ's art work with you.  Her pieces are so ethereal & calming to me.  I love Poppy Bay & feel like the ocean is just beyond their papery blossoms.

                                                      "Kayla"  ACEO (ATC) display pillow

I also love her idea of this ATC display pillow.  I've just started making ATCs to swap & still not sure what to do with them, but how nice would it be to have one (or more) of these to display those mini pieces of art.  Maybe switch them out every month or every week, depending on the season or your mood.

I hope y'all have a great day & I hope you find your Ace.