Monday, December 13, 2010

Ode to My Willow Oak

We've had good times & we've had bad.  I remember how you stole my heart when I first saw you.  You stood tall & sheltered everything beneath your wide, strong boughs.  As the days & years have past, you've gotten weaker, but remained a haven for all who needed refuge.  Today we said goodbye for the last time.  I watched as your diseased limbs were removed & taken away.  

I mourned for the homes that were lost as I saw the last of you leave. 

You'll soon nourish the ones that come after you, so you will continue to live.

A little too sentimental over a tree that had to be removed?  Probably, but I've been working on a collage for my Grandma using old photos & letters that my Granddaddy wrote to her while he was in the Navy so I'm feeling a bit tender & weepy.  My Granddaddy's been gone for over a decade, but I still miss him so.  He was the best man I've ever known & like the majestic oak, he was always our shelter from the storm.  I'm so gad that he & Grandma picked each other so that I could have both of them.  They also gave me my Mom, who is the shining light at the end of the tunnel when I feel so lost & alone.


Nay said...

RIP beautiful tree.

Willow Branch said...

Aaaww....thanks Nay. When i called them I was hoping it was only going to be one of the huge limbs, but once I looked at the rotten base, knew the whole thing had to go.