Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Messenger Bag & Project Love

I don't know how many of you are aware of the wonderful community that exists on Youtube.  I thought Youtube was full of tutorials & the funny things that someone's dog did at the latest family reunion until I stumbled upon this certain group of vloggers.  They have an annual party (called South Tube) where they gather, chat, eat, dance & just basically enjoy looking at each other in person instead of through a computer monitor.  It seems like a family reunion.  Aaaanyway.  I "met" this great person named Beth.  I've mentioned her before but it was a while ago, but felt like it was time to do it again.  

A few weeks ago I received a package.  I opened the package only to see the coolest most awesome messenger bag ever!!!  I'd been wanting one to carry around my plethora of various notebooks, sketch books, cabochons..whatever, because I'd been walking to nearby places instead of driving.  I carried my cabochons, my sketchbook (in case I get a brilliant idea for a new piece)& all of the other goodies that I like in my purse, which wrecked havoc on some of my purses.  I had drawn out a quick pattern for a messenger bag using old jean, but then I got this from Beth:

It's really lovely!!  It's soft & huuuge!!!!  Here's what in my messenger bag right now.

That's my 11x14 drawing pad, watercolor crayons, watercolor pencils, pencil case & that's my art journal peeking from behind my crayons.  It's only a composition book so I haven't really changed the cover other than adding some kraft paper to the front.  I really like the size, so I'll use the cover of one for my next journal, but something more substantial for the pages.  Notebook paper really doesn't like a lot of paint & water.

I love, love, love, my messenger bag & am sorry I didn't show y'all how wonderfully she lined the inside with nice little pockets on the side.  It's so well made & Beth's finish work on her pieces are very professional & sturdy.  

I mentioned the Youtube community earlier & wanted to take a moment to tell you about Project Love.  It's something that was started in this little YT community to help others who were having a hard time.  Sometimes the funds go to help someone who couldn't pay their power bull one month sometine it's to havelp a family have a holiday dinner.  Earlier this year they arranged an online bingo game with the proceeds going towards getting someone a wheelchair lift for their van.  There was also a little "drive" to help some get schools clothes & supplies for their little ones.  The holidays are coming up & there are some who have had a hard year, through layoffs or illnesses that may not be able to sit down & have a nice holiday dinner or buy a few pressies for the kids.  

Here's a way that you can help someone while picking up a few handmade presents for yourself or for someone else.  Beth sews the cutest makeup bags, camera bags, stockings, bucket totes, aprons...just about anything you can imagine & sells them on her weebly site for very affordable prices.  Seriously...you have to go take a look.  She has several sections, so you must check them all out & you can even pick out the fabric that you like from the looong list of fabrics that she has.  There must be well over 50 fabric choices.  I'm not saying that that she has a "fabric" problem...I'm just saying.  

coffee cozy

fleece hat & Beth's purdy face

I could go on & on about how some of her fabrics are made from Hawaiian fabric (sorry Beth, I don't remember what you call them), or that you may get a bag that's been lined with Japanese kimono fabric (if she still has it), but you should just go check her out.  

travel set

camera bag

She has a separate section for her Project Love items, but be sure to look at all of the purdies she's made.  I know you know someone who would loooooove some of her handmade things & if you're nice, maybe Beth will run through her yard with your items, gathering all of the the nice warm Hawaiian air she can before she seals them in the box.

makeup brush roll (fabric is no longer available :(

Thanks again, Beth!!!

Beth's Weebly site for the goodies
Beth's Youtube channel where she sometimes takes up for a ride along while she meanders around Hawaii.

I'm headed over there now to start my Christmas list.


Beth said...

I am so glad you like your messenger bag :) I now have the dexterity in my hands to be able to attempt more and should be getting on that soon

Willow Branch said...

I really do love it, Beth..thank you so much. It goes everywhere with me now.