Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Happy Tuesday!!!

I've been doin' stuff.......

A few Etsy sales, but mostly custom orders. When I say custom orders, I mean (mostly) my guy friends tell me they want something for their sister/mom/girlfriend/wife then I ask them questions about their sister/mom/girlfriend/wife to try to figure out what type of jewelry they may like.
I'm no longer confused about some of the presents my previous boyfriends have gotten me.
I asked one of my closest friends if his person wore smaller jewelry or larger statement pieces.
He told me she had brown hair.
You know who you are, my love, that's ok though, you're still one of my favorites. I hope your sister is happy with her "Birdy" necklace. It'll look great with brown hair.

I have been breaking hearts like crazy around here due to my friend Christina. This is the second or third batch of Candy's Hearts I've broken, then mended (Mama taught me to how to be a proper Southern girl...& some of it stuck). Christina got one of the necklaces, has been wearing it & people want the necklace after seeing her wear it. Great model, huh? She's a beautiful model & a beautiful person, thanks Christina!!

The pink jasper will be going into the shop tomorrow & the rest will be delivered this week..hopefully. I have a couple more things let to do, but I'm waiting on final approval before I start.

This is a stone I bought from a show this year & the gem cutter had it named Bruneau Turquoise. I don't know if it's a true turquoise or now, but this stone is just gorgeous. This was picked by another friend of mine for his sister. I had to show this up close so you could see how awesome this stone is up close. Also so you could see Dakota's hair & that I need to work on the bezel a bit more. Macro is soooo not forgiving.

OK, it's shower time, so I'll "see" y'all later


Stormy said...

I love the broken hearts and can see why they want them! :)

The ring is real pretty ~ i've not heard of the stone...just tried a quick search 4 you but nothing came up except Bruneau Jasper.

Beth said...

I love the Bruneau turquoise piece. Absolutely beautiful. It took my breath away. Too bad it was nabbed. Got my Christmas check from daddy today ;) You've been mega busy lately!

Stormy said...

I just realized i said *ring* ~ I see now that it's not.
Still purty :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Pam! I am so glad your busy creating jewelry.

Willow Branch said...

Maybe it's supposed to be Bruneau Jasper. I'll look that up to see if the stone matches...maybe it's supposed to be San Bruneau. Maybe I should have asked him to write everything down....oh well, too late.
Thanks Beth!! (((hugs)))

Hey Lisa *waves*


CarolynArtist said...

Pam I love it! All your pretty pieces!!!

Just stopping by to give you a virtual hug! *hug*

I'm just updating my blog, it's been a while, I hope you had a safe, happy, healthy holiday time!