Thursday, December 10, 2009

Exciting news!!

I told you last week that I had some exciting news so here it is. It's probably not so exciting, but it made me feel really good about what I'm doing & I'm terribly flattered.

Over Thanksgiving I was contacted by someone locally asking if I would be interested in donating one of my pieces to an animal rescue group for their silent auction. Shut up, right?? I was so excited to be randomly asked to donate & also this was to help an animal rescue. The organization is called IAR (Independent Animal Rescue) & I believe the silent auction is in January.

Here's my little rescue dog. Maybe not so little, & not rescued in the now, traditional way, but my little rescue sweetheart nonetheless. Dakota was left chained to a tree when her family moved. We don't know how long she was there before the neighbor noticed & started feeding her as best as she could with what little money she had. A friend of a friend took her in & got her healthy, well physically healthy anyway, & that's when she leapt into my life.

I decided to make a piece especially for the event & came up with Booker. Mom doesn't know, but this is a collaboration between the two of us. I put the initial design on paper, she named him, I thought I should add something else because he seemed plain, she said no, he didn't need anything....this is what what happened.

Most of my pieces have a name & a story because I'm nearly always inspired by something I dream, or see or feel and Booker is no different. Booker's story is Dakota's story.


Booker thought he was a good dog. He misbehaved sometimes, (as we all do), but he loved his family. One day his family didn't come home. He stared at the back door waiting to see a familiar face until his eyes were dry & burning. Day turned into night...turned into day....turned into night.
Booker didn't know what he had done to drive his family away, leaving him alone, cold & hungry, but he vowed never to do it again.
Now, as the dusk settles over his little world, his eyes fixed on the encroaching darkness, he looks for his new friend, the moon. He makes his wish that one day he will find his forever family.

I printed this onto a card to accompany the piece in the auction. I hope this speaks to people the way Dakota spoke to me & they give as freely as they can. Fingers crossed that Booker will bring in a little money for the other animals when he finds his forever home.

Hugs & puppy dog kisses to you all.


ckdowns said...

Ohmigosh, Pam, this is wonderful!!!!!!!! Love the jewelry, REALLY love the fact a story goes along with it (I'm a writer--stories mean everything!). And if I were at that auction, I'd certainly be bidding!!!!!!!!!!!!

Any chance another brooch or pendant for your Etsy shop will come out of this experience???

Regardless--this is wonderful!!!!


Willow Branch said...

Hey Caroline!! I'm already have a design sketched out with a cat. Mom named the cat "sassy" I do want to do a couple of brooches, I just need to find SS pin backs, I've only been able to fins the nickel ones.

Thanks so much for stopping by Caroline.


CarolynArtist said...

Booker is wonderful, Pam you made me cry. Just thiinking of Dakota stuck out near the tree, AAAAAAAa,okay, but the next part of the story is wonderful because you found each other!!!
this piece is AWESOME and the collaboration wonderful.
I hope it brings money and attention to a worthy cause!!!
(please tell Dakota mew from my kitties!)
*waves to Caroline*

Stormy said...

You're amazing!

This is the BEST animal piece I have seen to date!
It's not yr typical animal pendant ~ it has true vibe; along with the story will touch many ♥'s

I have a feeling this is going to do very well at the auction. :)

I think they would sell like hot-cakes in your shop!

ckdowns said...

I agree with Stormy.....

And *waves back to Care!*

See what sort of community you're creating with these awesome stories and jewelry, Pam???? :-)

Willow Branch said...

Y'all are too sweet!!



Beth said...

Oh Pam. The story of Booker/Dakota is so touching. I hope it brings in more than a few dollars, it is ADORABLE!!!

Halie said...

Oh my, that is adorable! Good work!!

Willow Branch said...

Thank you Halie!!


Mysteryglo said...

Wow Pam, Booker is just amazing! The story that goes with it is just a tear jerker.. I'm so glad that Dakota found you or vice versa! It breaks my heart how some people treat their pets. I sure hope that this piece brings in lots of money to help with the rescued dogs! Good job!

Independent Animal Rescue said...

Thank you, Pam!! Booker is absolutely gorgeous and we're thrilled to have him for the Have-A-Heart Auction :-) He'll be fought over for sure!