Thursday, October 8, 2009

Lunch with Tiffany........stone

Purple Prose has already been sold off Etsy.
I just finished making these littles. They're Tiffany Stone from Utah. I'm not a stone expert, but I haven't seen Tiffany Stone in such a yummy shade of purple. The color reminds me of Grape Nehi or some other artificially flavored, sugar laden treat. My favorite color has always been purple & when I was a little girl I so wanted to love Grape Nehi, but I didn't. It was so pretty & came in that cool bottle, but I couldn't stand the stuff.
This photo seems a little blurry...sorry, I thought it was OK. Anyway, this will be going into the shop today. I'll be headed down to my local tavern for a memorial for a good friend of mine. His family had the official Memorial Service last week, but this week, we're doing what Roy would have wanted. I'll be having a Corona with a lime for Roy.
Y'all have a great day & hug someone today.


Stormy said...

Love the earrings.
The color is so yummy!

Sorry to hear about your friend, Roy.
It's nice that ya'll did what he wanted. xx :)

Tammy's Treasure Chest said...

Beautiful earrings!
It's good to celebrate a life and not just morn a death. So sorry about your friend. :(

Willow Branch said...

Thank you for the sentiments. I'm going to do a little tribute to Roy later, but he was only 52 & the kind of person that everyone should have in their life.



Anonymous said...

amazing blue stone. I love the earrings Pam

CarolynArtist said...

PAMmmmmmmmmmm I'm so happy they already sold (I can see why!) they are beautiufully made and the stones are Deep Purple...your shop is really coming along nicely! :-)
I'm sorry about your friend
:( ...what a lovely tribute to have that corona and lime for him!

Beth said...

It isn't fair that I never got to see your Etsy before these were sold. Just sayin ;)