Friday, October 16, 2009

Happy Friday!!

It's another dreary, overcast day in North Carolina...seems like I'm always complaining about the weather doesn't it?? I think it's a Southern thing...or maybe just Grandmother does it too. Oh, the talks we have about the weather!!
The sun is pushing it's way through the gloom .....right now!!!

Anyway, I was going to show you a photo of a couple of my newest pieces, but I can't get the photo to transfer from my camera. It's only that one set of photos, but they won't budge. I'm going to keep working on it because one of the photos could be on a calendar. That's right. I draped the ring over a motorcycle like it was Miss June. Right there next to the chrome gas cap. Yeah, it's pretty hot.

This one was going in my shop but didn't quite make it. It was rescued by a friend of a friend, but she's such a fun, classy lady, I think we're friends now too. This is a yellow plume agate & I loved the color & "plumage". I had named it Harvest Moon.....aaaw pretty.

I'll have another session of Out & About in Durham maybe next week. I finally got some photos of the old Durham Bulls Stadium. Everytime I tried to get photos it was either Blues Fest or Beer Fest. Hmmmm, wonder if there's a connection ( Nah. Well, the stadium looks a bit different now than it did in the movie Bull Durham, but I think we just spent about the same amount of money renovating it as they did on the movie.

Oh yeah, my hydrangeas. They were blue 7 years ago, then they turned hot pink. I tried to fix them with whatever it is to "fix" the color of hydrangeas. This is what happened. I rather like them.

I hope y'all have a wonderful weekend.


Stormy said...

Pretty ring!

I was telling Jamie recently about naming a piece "Harvest Moon" ~ that time of year i guess :)

Funny thing i read yr post, i looked around at my stones, and for the life of me have NO idea what i could have given that name!
I must have dreamt it, haha...

You cracked me up talking about the "calender photo" ~ can't wait to see it!

Willow Branch said...

Stormy, you're such a sweetheart & it's time for you to update your blog too. Harvest moon is the first full moon after the Autumnal Equinox. You actually gave me an idea for another blog post.....I'll explain the Native American calendar.



Anonymous said...

The weather has been very cold (for fall) and a bit dreary. We had snow flurries yesterday! It's too early. We "Yankees" like to talk about the weather as well ;P
The ring is really beautiful, such a nice rich brown. Very autumn.

CarolynArtist said...

Pam that ring is off the charts gorgeous! I can see how it found a home so quickly! (and it is quite lickable!) I love hydrangeas (sp?) and still have yet to plant any out front.

Beth said...

I LOVE the hydrangeas! I like your 'fix' :) The Harvest Moon piece is absolutely gorgeous. LOVE IT!! I hope you can figure out how to transfer your photos!

Willow Branch said...

Thank you all!! I've gotta get off my booty & get more things in the shop. I'm thinking about having a piece every month named after the full moon. Hunters Moon Strawberry Moon, etc. I need to start working on that.