Monday, September 28, 2009


I don't have any sisters, or brothers for that matter, but I've been fortunate in my life to have others who have become part of my family & part of my heart.

I just listed these earrings Sisters. I have already sold a pair off Etsy, but have made more.

I believe that everyone has a soul mate. I also believe that we can have more than one & that it isn't confined to a romantic connection. I believe in kindred spirits & that our kindred spirit is also our soul mate. I have people in my life who are my soul mates. We share a bond that is strong enough to bridge time & distance, just like the sisterly bond. They mean everything in the world to me & I know my heart would stop for a moment if anything ever happened to them. I believe you can be an only child and still have sisters.

This design is based on the Native American symbol for sisters. The circle signifies the unbreakable bond and the X with the O on top symbolizes the female. These symbols, side by side, represent the bond of two kindred spirits.


Anonymous said...

fantastic idea pam! I love them!

Willow Branch said...

Thank you so much Miss Lisa. ((hugs))


Anonymous said...

Oh Pam, I forgot to respond to your question about posting videos. You can post any videos online as long you you have the url. Other videos need to be saved on your hard drive (I believe). When you are posting in your blog, the little film icon next to the picture icon is how you add the video. Just fill in the info it asks for and that's it!

CarolynArtist said...

These are SO COOL and cute and lovely! I'm really digging your ideas!