Monday, September 21, 2009

My Saturday & Saturnight

Better grab another cup of tea, coffee or whatever libation you usually need to get through one of my blogs. This one is a long one.
I intended on going to the Farmer's Market, but couldn't make it due to the fact that I didn't fall asleep until about 7:30 Saturday morning. When I woke up I wasn't interested in fresh veggies or much of anything else for that matter. To the shower & out the door.

I walked a few blocks to Centerfest,

That's part of downtown Durham in the background.

where I visited with my friend Jenni. I hadn't seen her in a while, so it was nice to catch between her customers. We chatted & enjoyed smoothies, my pick was mango; yummy & the only think that could have made it better would have been a bit of pineapple rum. After we'd chatted up a storm it was time for my next mission so off I go searching for someone.

Who was it, you ask? Well it was Miss JJ of Rosy Revolver. I"ve been following her blog & admiring her incredible talent so I was excited to finally meet her & her jewelry in person. She is just as lovely in person as you would imagine & her pieces are even more than you would expect. So feminine & somewhat old fashioned or Victorian with an edge (I'm talking about the jewelry, not JJ). All I could do is ramble about the weather & fondle the rings, earrings & pendants that were displayed in front of me. I'm not sure what we talked about, but her jewelry is still etched in my mind. I had to leave because I heard the all too familiar wail of the gentle siren calling me home. I knew what I had to do & where I had to go.

I ran into this little fellow on my way out of Centerfest & he followed me home. He's going to live with my Mom. He's made out of left over steel from barges so he'll feel more at home a little closer to the water.

As I left Centerfest my feet took me to the left, then the right, then the left, right, right:

Oh, that was the call!! Like an old friend...the door's always open. I didn't know there was going to be a Dead Celebrity Party that night, but was quickly recruited to draw & cut stars out of glitter paper. Seriously?? Glitter paper?? Do you know how hard glitter is to get rid of when you get it all over you? By the time I was finished I looked like a Vegas show girl that had had a Care Bear throw up on her.

Time for the party. I didn't dress up, but the employees did. This is my friend & bouncer, Toa. I'm not sure who he is dressed up to be but it is not King Kamehameha. Toa is from Hawaii, but he's Samoan, not Hawaiian & very adament about that fact. He also used to be a wrestler, is related to The Rock (Toa's his uncle) & has a voice like an angel....a very manly angel.

This is Susan aka Judy Garland. I loved that she stepped out of the normal "Dorothy" Judy & went with the older, sassier Judy. Susan's wearing the fishnet & heels under that long blazer & looked absolutely perfect.

Now here's Chrystal. She started off as a bartender here several years ago & has found herself on the business end of the bar. She bought the bar a couple of years ago, but still enjoys slinging drinks a couple of nights a week. I've known Chrystal since she first started working here &we've become quite close...I actually made her wedding cake about 5 years ago. I tried to get a better shot of Chrystal, but if the music's playing & customers ordering, Chrystal's going to be moving.

She's Lili Von Shtupp. Lili is the saloon singer in Blazing Saddles played by Madeline Kahn.
Here's my first shot of her.....zroom......

I finally got her (after many tries). How great does she look?? Chrystal still loves to dress up & has been known to wear a pink wig & tutu at work just because it's a Tuesday. BTW, she makes a great Betty Page.

Don't I have beautiful & creative friends?? What would I do without them to make me smile?

The End.


Anonymous said...

What a day!! It looks like you had a fantastic time beginning to end. It must have been so incredible to see Rosie Revolver jewelry in person. It is so intricate.

Willow Branch said...

It was great & she is great. Her pieces are soo detailed & heafty. These are statement pieces. She very graciously offered to help me in any way she could. I wish I lived closer so I could possible talk her into giving me some classes, but even though she lives in the area, it's still quite a drive.

I did have a great day.