Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Mortar Love

I'm not really a collector of things, just your run of the mill pack rat who's afraid to throw anything away because I'm sure I'll need it one day....right? I've been reorganizing my kitchen, cleaning out all of the cabinets, putting things I use regularly within reach & things I don't use on the tippy top shelves. It's been a really good thing. I love it when everything has it's place.
I noticed something when I was cleaning. I love mortars & pestles. I love to use them & I love having them around. I look for recipes where I can use my M & Ps. It wasn't until I gathered them all up that I realized the seriousness of my "crush" (get it?? teehee). I actually use all of these, well all but one, because it's pretty much useless except for a serving dish, but they each have a certain purpose.

The large one in the back & the one in the center are molcajetes. They are from Mexico & made out of lava rock. I bought them new so I had to "season" them myself. Not an easy task. The insides are still a bit rough, but great for making salsas, guacamole, etc. The other one in the back is from Thailand is made of granite. That's the work horse. I can pound out pesto or most anything else in that one. The green one on the right is a Japanese mortar & pestle & has a rough bottom. I like to use that one for breaking up dried herbs & spices. The little marble one is for my peppercorns & anything round that likes to fly out of the other mortars. The mushroom shaped pestle keeps my victims where I want them. The wooden one on the left is the Diva....looks pretty, but that's it. The pestle is too round to get good contact with the mortar so she just sits around & hold things. The wooded one in the front is my garlic pounder from Syria. It is unfinished & I only use it for pounding garlic. This one gets most of my attention because I cook with garlic a lot.

I'm sure this has got to be the most boring post ever, but I'm feeling pretty boring today. Maybe the next time I'll show you my wooden spoons. Just kidding!!

I just found more of my favorite butane (Zippo) so I'll be firing up the torch to make more pretties. I'm trying to come up with a few staple pieces for my shop, but haven't really had any luck so far. I'll keep the Candy's Heart, but each one needs to be photographed because each one turns out so differently. I feel like I need to have a few simple earring designs that I can keep relisting as they sale (hopefully).

Well, I think I've done you in for the day, but just imagine how much more exciting your day will seem after reading this. Remember my hummingbird post?? Oh, the excitement of that one!!

OK, Puppies!! Have a great day!!

I just noticed that I have prattled on forever in this dissertation of my M & Ps. Sorry. :]


Anonymous said...

Good gravy that's a lot of mortar bowls. I think they are cool although I don't own one or have ever used one.
Coming up with a nice number of staple items to relist is something I did from the beginning, well actually, when I started on Etsy, I did not know how to use any heat at all, so I could remake just about all of the items I listed in the first couple of months of opening my shop. Most of those items are still there and sell regularly enough for me to keep relisting. Some nice simple every day designs I think are the best for staple items. Simple studs, hoops etc.

Willow Branch said...

Thanks Lisa!! I can't seem to master the simple hoop yet..I've mastered the simple wonky "loop" but not a nice pretty hoop. I really like how you have such a range of prices in your shop & that's what I would like to have; as well as a few little signature pieces. For me, your little hoops with the pearl, coral or turquoise wrapped is your signature "staple" piece. I've never tried studs, but I may have to buy some cabs & re-watch your tutorial.

Even though we get a lot of our aggression out at the bench, using a mortar & pestle is also a good way....and you don't have to wory about busting something up by accident.