Monday, August 31, 2009

Beautiful Day

This photo was not taken today, but I love the bright red entangled in the emerald green. He's a pretty boy.

This is a beautiful day in Carolina. Not your standard "Chamber of Commerce" beautiful day, but everything seems so fresh. The skies are gray, but the trees are green. It's like they're opening up to savor the day, unemcumbered by the smoldering heat & the oppressive humiity. It is 2:00 in the afternoon and it's only 68 degrees with little sprinklettes of rain. This lusciously cool weather makes my body & mind want to stretch; it's an awakening of sorts. Fall is my favorite time of the's a reprieve from the claustrophic summer because the air is crisper & lighter & even the squirrels seem to sigh with relief. This is Carolina so it'll be back to 90 degrees in a few days, but for today we can breathe.


Anonymous said...

The weather sounds wonderful Pam! It is like that here as well. That picture is really pretty :) have a great day!

Willow Branch said...

Thanks Lisa!! It's such a nice respite from the humidity.


Beth said...

YEY!!! You have a pretty boy too! :) Glad you had a gorgeous day. It is starting to cool off here at night, which is pleasant!