Thursday, July 30, 2009

New Pets!!

Well, they're not really mine, but I feed them & they fuss at me when the food gets low (akin to Dakota). I have some crazy little hummingbirds that have decided that my feeders are the best thing since..well, since a readily available food source. (I don't think that made any sense.)

This feeder is right outside my front door, so I was able to get some photos of the little fellows. Look, I cleaned my window. The little blue spot to the left is the other feeder (IMO one of the best feeders I've ever had) so it's always entertaining to watch the 2 or 3 hummers fighting over the feeders. It's all fine, until I walk outside, then it's ducking & diving with safety glasses at the ready.

I got a shot of a couple of them vying for this feeder:

Well, that didn't bode well for one, but he's still hanging in there, waiting............

I'm working on another piece for a friends Mother. I've already taken it apart once. I had it completed, but it didn't look good to me; I liked the design, but not my workmanship. Oh well, this piece started off giving me trouble, so I should have known to just re-do before I completed the pendant. It's a really cool stone called least that's what the stone guy told me. Maybe tomorrow.
Y'all be good!!

PS. In case you didn't know, I thought I'd post a "recipe" for the hummingbird food. It's cheaper & better for the little ones than the bought food with the coloring added.

4 Cups water
1 Cup sugar
Heat water & sugar over the stove until the sugar has desolved (it doesn't have to boil). Let cool & store in the fridge. I think I have 2-3 hummingbirds, but I go through about a recipe a week.
They're very thirsty.


CarolynArtist said...

Hey Pam! Those pics are awesome! Wow, it's amazing how fast and small lil hummingbirds are. You captured them so well! (what exactly are those 2 doing? I mean, are they really just fighting? :O
Looking forward to seeing your new piece! (i know what you mean about taking it apart and redoing, sounds like me)

Willow Branch said...

They're both males, so I'm pretty sure they were just being territorial. I'll try to post pictures of my lost baby..I had to give her up yesterday so she could go to her new home. :(


CarolynArtist said...

Lost baby? I reread, what did I miss Pam??? :(

Willow Branch said...

Oh. LOL I meant the necklace that I took apart & put back together. It ended up being one of my most favorite pieces & I had to give it to it's new owner. I get very attached to some of the stones & I really liked how the stone looked when it was set.