Saturday, May 9, 2009

I've Got Stones!!!

One of my mail carriers brought these to me today. Yes, I have about 4-5 different mail carriers. I rarely see the same one 2 days in a row...I don't understand. Anyway, this should be a lesson to you kiddies Do NOT order stones without checking the size of said stones.
Oh, BTW, the shells did not come with the stones a little squirrel didn't clean up after himself.

The ginormous stone on the right is said stone. I'll have to keep this stone until I get a Big Girl's torch....I'll never get a bezel soldered with my little butane torch. this stone is approx.

1 3/4" X 1 1/2"

See?? My little torch is skeered.

Dakota couldn't understand why I was standing on my back porch & not paying attention to her, as she really digs attention & sometimes gets a little miffed if she's not the center of attention.

She tries to be aloof:

Then she pouts and plays the "poor, pitiful me". It's not like she's a drama queen or anything.

Y'all have a blessed day & Happy Mother's Day!!!


Tammy's Treasure Chest said...

OH! What a cutie Dakota is! Aren't animals something? They sure can be all pouty and pitiful.
Those stones are gorgeous! I'm bad about ordering without checking size.:P
Thanks for stopping by my blog! The baby rabbit is growing like a weed! My Dad worked for the highway department when I was young and he always brought home baby animals, too! We raised a baby skunk once, that didn't even have his eyes open when we got him. He was awesome! He had to stay in my room at night because I've always been an insomniac, so his nocturnal activities didn't bother me! :) We never got him fixed so he could still spray, he just never did. Thank goodness!!!

CarolynArtist said...

(Pam) Dakota is simply stunning! How could you not fall for that face and those eyes? Awwwwww!!!
Hey, it's really windy here and DH just scared me talking about a coastal flooding thing, why do boys do that?!:-/
I love the stones! I have a similar sized one, and you're right our lil baby girl torches just don't like em! LOL...
What are you going to do? You could destash and someone with a big girls torch would snatch it up?
The stones are alllllllllllll pretty! Love the matching sets, those are always very lickable *lick*

Willow Branch said...

Tammy, I've never kept anything but a flying squirrel long enough for it to grow up. The flying squirrel (and his brother)finally had to be taken into the woods & set free. We put him in a tree in the yard with his brother, but he kept finding a way to get inside the house. Yea, skunk pray is awful. We don't have a lot of skunk in NC, but i've never forgotten the smell.

Care, Dakota is my rescue dog. The people who had her before moved & left her chained to a tree. She has settled right into the good life. A friend of mine told me I should have named her Cleo because of the "eyeliner" around her eyes & at the corners.

It's been dreary here today, but we had a bad storm Sat night. I don't know why boys want to scare us, but you'll be fine. It just our random Spring weather. Tomorrow should be a beautiful day for you. It's not going to be too hot & the sun is supposed to shine. It was 95 degrees & humid on Friday.


CarolynArtist said...

omgosh I'm glad you have the pup! That's heartbreaking! Though funny about ms 'Patra! :P

CarolynArtist said...

PaaAAAAAAAaaammmm come back and blog!!! :-)